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How Do I Display My Work? /Artist’s Commitment:

Welcome to The Journey Through the Arts Gallery

Thank you for visiting us! If you have any questions regarding the gallery or any of the work exhibited please do not hesitate to ask!


Ontario College of Art and Design graduate Christine Benson and musician/photographer Mike Woods founded the Journey Through the Arts Gallery in the summer of 2005.

The gallery is located on the second floor of 27 Walton Street , Port Hope and showcases the work of artists from across Ontario . The gallery has since become its own small community where artists can interact and share ideas as well as showcase the area’s wealth of artistic talent.

Situated in the heart of historic downtown Port Hope, in a restored 1850’s building along the Ganaraska River , the gallery boasts high ceilings, a spacious interior and a welcoming and friendly environment in which to view and appreciate art. The building, like Port Hope itself has a rich history and was purchased immediately after a devastating flood that ripped through the town in 1980. This particular building was rescued and lovingly restored by Clay and Carol Benson.


A multi-faceted arts facility evident in the mediums and subjects that are displayed, the gallery features paintings, pottery, photography, printmaking, jewelry, stained glass and wearable art. What makes the gallery unique is its ever-changing exhibition that invites gallery patrons to purchase and experience work as it evolves. Upon purchasing work from the gallery customers are invited to take it home with them immediately to enjoy!


How to exhibit your work at The Journey Through the Arts Gallery:

Each artist:

  • Commits to a minimum 6 months in the gallery (the length of one show)
  • Pays an Artist Fee (which ranges from $35-$95 per month depending on the medium and the amount of space desired) Much like a co-op the Fee goes to pay for the operating expenses of the gallery. Each artist also must sit the space one day per show or once every three months.
  • Can show a variety of work in a variety of sizes and price ranges
  • Can display business cards, a CV and other promotional material

In return the gallery:

  • Promotes the work of the artist
  • Promotes the exhibition through invites, press releases and newspaper articles
  • Holds one Opening Reception per show
  • Collects a 10% commission on all work sold



Please contact

Christine Benson-Woods/ Mike Woods

27 Walton St. Apt 1

Port Hope , Ontario

L1A 1M8

(905) 885-0908