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Journey Through the Arts


“She has thoroughly enjoyed her week. She has learned some new art techniques and each day was so positive and bubbly; anxious to tell us about her days experiences.  I was very impressed with her improved fine motor skills and with her pride in her art this year! Thank you for making this such a positive experience.”

“She really enjoyed JTTA camp. It was #1 on her list of things to do this summer. She will be back! Thanks for a great week!”

“Very comfortable environment and able to participate in all of the arts. We love that she comes home with beautiful art for us to display. Interesting and imaginative themes. Thanks for a great week!”

“He was very talkative about the program and really enjoyed himself. Keep up the good work.”

“She couldn’t wait to go to bed so the next day would come. Keep doing what you are doing―don’t mess with a good formula!”

“This is our second child to attend and it is a wonderful program.”

“Rock on! She loves coming―this is her 3rd year!”

“Excited about coming every day! Enjoyed making friends… she loved all of the teachers as well!  Keep doing what you’re doing!”

“Kids have had a great week! They are asking to come back every week from now until forever!”

“She wants to come back for another week. Keep up the good work!”

“She always enjoys the wonderful adventures at JTTA!”


“Each night they would come home full of stories and excited for the next day!”

“She had a great week. She enjoys talking about and teaching us all about what she has learned each day.”

“He enjoys each time and always looks forward to coming back!”

“She loves exploring the projects and she is always so proud to talk about her day with us.”

“He thoroughly enjoyed this experience. We look forward to the next experience!”

“You guys do a fabulous job!”

“The kids always come home happy, excited about the day and learned a lot!”

“The kids always have so much fun and a great experience!”