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2023 Diamond Winner: Best Art School/Instruction: Journey Through the Arts

Looking for a creative experience for your students in Kindergarten to Grade 8? The Journey Through the Arts In-the-Schools Program brings amazing interactive and hands-on visual art workshops that are geared towards each grade right into your classroom! We bring all of the art supplies and guide the students step-by-step through fun and imaginative art projects. $7 per student (includes all art supplies, instruction and a 2-period-length art workshop). By the end of the workshop each student will have a piece of art to hang in the classroom or take home with them.

Email to for more information or to reserve a workshop.

(Please note: The JTTA In-the-Schools Program is open to schools ONLY in Port Hope & Cobourg at this time.)

Here are just a few of the school art workshops we offer:


JK/SK: Clay Pinch Pots: During this workshop students will learn all about clay, 2D shapes, 3D shapes and how to make their own clay pinch pot using self hardening clay. The pots will be left to dry in the classroom and paint will be left with the teacher so that the pots can be painted and decorated 4-5 days later once the clay is fully hardened.

Grade 1: Art in the Round: "Exploring Sand Mandalas": This workshop will focus on learning about the various types of lines, geometric and organic shapes, warm and cool colours and radial designs to create a mandala sand painting on canvas using various colours of sand.

Grade 2: Understanding Warm and Cool Colours: "That's One Cool Panda!" During this workshop students will learn how to draw a panda using geometric shapes. They will then transform their symmetrical panda drawing using warm colours on one side and cool colours on the other. This workshop will focus on how colours can be used to show emotion as well as using symmetrical shapes.

Grade 3: Painting Underwater Creatures: This workshop will teach students how to draw an underwater scene and will focus on the concepts of space (foreground, middleground and background) to create the feeling of depth and will teach the students how to create various textures (pointilism for sand, scales on fish etc) and underwater creatures including a jellyfish, seahorse and a fish to create an underwater painting.

Grade 4: Squirrel Drawings: Learning About Line and Texture: This workshop will teach students how to draw a squirrel and to use various drawing techniques such as cross-hatching, pointillism and repetition of lines to create visual rhythm and texture in their squirrels fur and the setting of their drawing.

Grade 5: Birch Tree Landscape Paintings: This workshop will focus on understanding how to compose a landscape and using shading and cast shadows that create the illusion of depth in a landscape painting.

Grade 6: Caricatures: This workshop will teach students about the rules of proportion for the human face. After understanding proportion we will break the rules and exaggerate a facial feature to create a funny caricature of ourselves.

Grade 7: Drawing Trees Inspired by Emily Carr: This workshop will teach students about how to use lines for expressive purposes while creating a landscape drawing inspired by Canadian artist Emily Carr. The workshop will also introduce students to using texture and value in their drawings of trees using chalk pastels.

Grade 8: Cubist Portrait Paintings Inspired by Picasso: This workshop will investigate Cubist portraits and how artists such as Picasso broke up and analyzed three dimensional shapes and reassembled them on the page. During this workshop we will analyze the shapes used in the human face and reassemble them to create our own Cubist self-portrait paintings.

I would also be happy to discuss the individual needs of your students and customize a lesson to suit your individualized learning goals and units.

For information about the Journey Through the Arts In the School Program and workshops, please contact Christine at